Christmas in Buenos Aires: things to do for christmas holidays in BA

Christmas in Buenos Aires: things to do for Xmas holidays in BA

I found people asking themselves:
What should we see or do during the holidays here?
Are there any traditions we can immerse ourselves in?

Christamas in BUenos Aires

As you are going to notice once you reach the city, we are not big fans of the “Christmas decoration” this is still here a commercial thing (Papa Noel -Santa- at 12am will bring gifts for kids an adults) but is also a religious party for Jesus birth. If you want to see the “nicest” decorations, that will be inside the shopping malls.

The most religious families, they will go to mass “Misa de Gallo” that use to be at 8pm before dinner, then we walk to the home or restaurant where we are going to have dinner. If you are going to go to a restaurant be sure you book that in advance….

In Argentina we like celebrations!! So we celebrate Christmas eve and christmas day! “La Cena de Navidad” (eve) will include several courses and if you do it in a Restaurant also party after… “Vitel tone” will be in every table! :)

If you are going to go to a restaurant for that day (24th at night, xmas eve) I will highly recommend you to choose a restaurant walking distance from your place, so you don’t need transportation that that night is really difficult to get!

At 12am we will receive Xmas with a toast and after we will give each other the gifts.

For the day after, December 25th we will have lunch together again with the family, and for sure we will have things from the night before! :)

Young people after the family meeting they go out to party, bars and nightclubs are going to be open.

Another totally different Christmas is the “Navidad Solidaria” as you can imagine for people that want to show solidarity can join the biggest Foundation in argentina call “Red Solidaria” that are looking for voluntaries to go to the street and take food and being a company for the homeless along that night! If you are interested write to you can check more info on their website


We are a group of young Buenos Aires lovers who grew up in the city. Since 2000 we have been working in various fields of tourism as well as hosting our foreign friends to the city. They suggested that what we do regularly should be professionalized and share with you, showing everybody our city and its streets and secrets. As a result, we created Buenos Aires Free Tour, from a place of wanting to share with you what we Buenos Aires city generates as being completely eclectic, this is our policy, which is why it's free! We are confident that if you join us, you will share the same passion!
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